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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: Question about vendor-neutrality aspects of having "user case studies"
Date Thu, 07 Mar 2013 14:54:43 GMT
On 07/03/2013 14:34, Chip Childers wrote:
> NOTE: cross posted between a public and private list.


> Vendor neutrality is obviously a critical aspect of the ASF's community
> development practices, as well as an important brand protection
> mechanism for the projects, hence why I wanted to bring trademarks@
> into the discussion for advice and guidance.
> Has this type of thing been discussed other projects (and do you
> know the outcomes)?  If not, what would be your guidance for CloudStack 
> specifically, and Apache projects generally?

Case studies are fine. The neutrality bit comes from letting anyone post
a case study. If submissions were limited (e.g. to employers of
committers or even worse employers of a subset of committers) then that
would be a problem and expect the board to be "most seriously displeased".

As an example, Tomcat has a Wiki pages (so anyone can edit them) for
users [1], support providers and training providers[2].



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