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From Chip Childers <>
Subject's article
Date Thu, 28 Mar 2013 02:39:46 GMT
Another one:

I especially appreciated this article, because Stephen O'Grady and Jay
Lyman said things that I think are both complementary and appropriate.
As much as we want to make our voices heard, I'm a *stong* proponent of
staying positive and being complementary of similar OSS projects.  The
OpenStack Foundation, for example, is doing great work.  We can continue
to include Swift storage as a valuable secondary storage plugin option,
and perhaps we'll find ways to take advantage of other work going on
there.  The same goes for OpenNebula.  Frankly, I hope that we can pick
back up on the little bit of momentum Sebastian seemed to have started
to get ACS and the Open Nebula market place working together.

Jay's quotes were also very similar to the verbal discussion we had this
morning.  I think that smart analysts like these two are the ones that
we want to continue to foster relationships with.

Yes, perhaps this opinion feeds some of the trolls out there (I've seen
several people comment that we sounded to "friendly", which is
apparently a bad thing), but I see it as a position of strength for our

Sorry about a little bit of a rambling email there, but the thoughts
above can be generalized into how I see us continuing to craft messages
around our project:  user focused and willing OSS collaborators.


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