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From Mark Hinkle <>
Subject Re: website idea
Date Tue, 05 Mar 2013 18:10:05 GMT
Sorry I meant John nailed it. 

On Mar 5, 2013, at 1:06 PM, Mark Hinkle <> wrote:

> I think Kelcey nails I think we have adopted the format of most Apache
> sites but not sure that it provides a clear cut experience for each of our
> there e
> - Prospects - Potential users that come to and want to learn
> screenshots, feature list, video webcast, case studies of successful users
> etc. 
> - User - Resources for users including user guides, documentation, support
> mechanisms, IRC logs etc.
> - Developers - Users who want to extend or integrate with CloudStack
> including developer guide, wiki links to integrated technologies (e.g.
> Puppet Manifests, Chef Cookbooks, Nagios Plugins, etc.)
> I think that should be a design point should lead each type of user down
> the path. Right now we provide a smorgasbord and users of the site pick
> their own adventure. Perhaps we should be more prescriptive to help
> improve their success.  I know Sonny floated a design already but I don't
> think it addressed these points specifically. Maybe we could take the
> feedback from this thread and have him do a rough wire frame and critique
> it to get to where we need to be.
> Also I would be glad to donate a Crazy Egg or we could use Google
> Analytics to figure out what people do on the site. Pre-Apache I knew what
> things people used the most and helped make those things easier to consume
> (screenshots, downloads and manuals where at the top of the list).
> Mark 
> On 3/5/13 12:42 PM, "Kelceydamage@bbits" <> wrote:
>> I agree 100%, this is why I pointed out that at my company te ratio of
>> frontent Dev/artists to back end is 2.2:1. Marketing is a different world
>> then technology development. And it's generally lead by distinctly
>> seperate visionaries.
>> We can not approach marketing and website appearance from a developer
>> point of view. The wiki is for devs/users, the website is for
>> sales(accept without any money) and marketing.
>> I think researching similar sites is important, and if we get a mock-up I
>> am more then happy to have my web guys critique it, and provide
>> suggestions.
>> Thanks.
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>> On Mar 5, 2013, at 9:05 AM, John Kinsella <> wrote:
>>> First thought: "noooooooooooooooo!" ;)
>>> Second thought: As ACS is a fairly major project and not a CI engine
>>> (sorry, butŠ), our website has three purposes:
>>> a) Get operational folks to want to try ACS
>>> b) Get developers interested in contributing to ACS
>>> c) Educate others about why ACS is so #@$@#$ awesome and they (or their
>>> teams, or their companies) should be using it.
>>> (feel free to expand/contrast on this)
>>> So, with that said - From my experience, the stereotypical Twitter
>>> Bootstrap sites do not say that to me. They say "this is a site that was
>>> quickly set up by a developer so he could get back to something else."
>>> There's not a single graphic element on inria's site - except for 2
>>> buttons. Not pretty by any means, IMHO. I'm reminded of Ruby projects or
>>> Github projects who think 15 lines in their is AWESOME for
>>> their project's website.
>>> Take a look at the other cloud provisioning project's site. Both looks
>>> better and does a better job of communicating what it is.
>>> Here's a few sites I've seen recently that I consider "pretty" and
>>> "modern" sites:
>>> - admittedly complicated
>>> - probably bootstrap based, but at least looks
>>> good IMHO
>>> - Just pulled it up while looking through
>>> the ASF project list - not bad!
>>> One thing that we should probably do - look at the websites of other
>>> players in the space - OnApp, Eucalyptus, VMWare, etc. Our site has to
>>> play at that level, not a website built for an engineer looking for a CI
>>> platform (sorry, butŠ)
>>> I realize we need a site that's easy to manage and update, but let's
>>> see if we can balance that with something that people remember.
>>> John
>>> On Mar 5, 2013, at 5:11 AM, Sebastien Goasguen <>
>>> wrote:
>>>> Hi, thinking about website designs, I ran into this one:
>>>> It's simple, yet modern.
>>>> I think something along this line with CloudStack logos and some good
>>>> thinking of categories would work well.
>>>> -sebastien
>>> Stratosec - Secure Infrastructure as a Service
>>> o: 415.315.9385
>>> @johnlkinsella

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