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From Sally Khudairi>
Subject Re: Press release for our eventual graduation?
Date Mon, 18 Mar 2013 16:39:44 GMT
Hi Chip --a few more comments inline:
> From: Chip Childers <>

> To: Sally Khudairi <>
> Cc: "" <>;
"" <>
> Sent: Monday, 18 March 2013, 11:40
> Subject: Re: Press release for our eventual graduation?
> On Mon, Mar 18, 2013 at 03:28:26PM +0000, Sally Khudairi wrote:
>>  Hello, everyone --thanks for including us in your plans.
>>  With respect to formally announcing your graduation from the Incubator, 
> yes, I am the one who will be working with you to get the message out.
>>  Some projects are media/message-savvy and send me their proposed draft for 
> editing into the ASF format/tone and distribution, whilst others need me to do 
> the whole thing for them (but help with providing key points/features, and 
> collecting supporting quotes from the community). I still am the one to pull the 
> trigger on the blogs, Twitter feed, and newswires.
>>  Seeing that Giles and Chip chomping at the bit, I suspect we'll be 
> working together here :-)
> Not chomping - just wanting to make sure that it's being handled. ;-)

Any energy in this arena is much appreciated <g>

>>  I must underscore that we need to work together here: some projects learned 
> that the Board approved their resolution, went out and blogged and tweeted their 
> enthusiasm at becoming a TLP, then were confused when we didn't garner any 
> media coverage when the press release was issued a few weeks later. The press 
> don't report on "old" news, so we need to coordinate our timing. 
> This is important.
> Agreed. In fact, I'd suggest that we will probably want to prepare
> everything on the cs-marketing list for whenever we do hear back from
> the board, and then be sure to coordinate with you on the timing of the
> release.
> We've generally sought to announce things on Tuesdays (This has been 
> Joe's 
> advice on things like release announcements), so we understand the value
> of acting in a coordinated fashion.

Indeed. My preference is the Tuesday-Wednesday-Monday order for disseminating announcements,
but Monday would work in this instance. I'd like to give a small subset of our media/analyst
contacts a heads-up beforehand here, and possibly provide them with a draft of the press release
under embargo a few days beforehand so they can pull quotes, etc.

> I'm not sure how a project is notified of any board results, but if it
> goes to cloudstack-private@i.a.o it will be easier to contain the news
> until an official date (note that cloudstack-marketing@i.a.o is a public
> list).

It comes out via email shortly after the call is done. The reality is that the press/public
might see this once the info goes live (some members of the general Apache community tweet/blog
"hats off" notes of support, irrespective of what we'd prefer, and the press pick up on that).
We should be OK as long as we announce within the same week.

>>  So having said all this, what's your timeframe? 
> Unknown. We sent our draft resolution to board@ on Sunday, but are not
> sure if it made it onto this month's agenda or not yet.
>>  Do you want to send me a draft release based on earlier TLP announcements 
> such as:
>>  - 
> -
> -
> I was hoping that the folks on cloudstack-marketing (Giles / Joe / others) 
> would step up to do the draft first, and then work with you to
> ensure that it's appropriate.  We're a pretty large community, and 
> it's
> always a good sign when a community can self-organize around work like
> this.

Perfect. If I can get something by 12 Noon ET on Thursday, preferably sooner, that would be

>>  Thanks in advance for your help & enthusiasm. I look forward to working 
> with you!
>>  Chat soon,
>>  Sally


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