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From Kelly Hair <>
Subject Re: CloudStack NYC User Group - hands on marketing
Date Thu, 21 Feb 2013 18:32:57 GMT
Hey Ilya,

Really appreciate your actions & thought process. Regarding having joint
ventures, to clarify: do you mean to present in each others Meetup?
Definitely agree on that.  Some areas of interest outside of
Chef/Configuration Management could be Object Stores, SDNs, DR/BC,
Monitoring and Capacity Management.  These are all hot areas and different
companies are integrating their solutions into CloudStack.

Also, it's really important to have, as you've laid out below, a number of
meetups planned.  Then, once planned, having the events held on a regular
monthly. The worst thing possible is to have a meetup every 2nd..4th.. Or
8th month.  I've been in a few of those types of meetups and find myself
losing interest quickly.

Regarding hands on - the question that comes up is: what kit?  I can check
around to see if we have some lab facilities that can be used.  I don't
know what options are available at this time҆   I do have a personal beefy
laptop (i7-3820QM w/ 32GB RAM) with VMware Workstation 9 that could be
used as a mobile nested server.  Figure I should offer up something if I'm
replying :)


On 2/21/13 1:13 PM, "Musayev, Ilya" <> wrote:

>So overnight, it looks like we almost tripled our NYC group size, going
>from 19 to 55  - I expect to hit 60+ today :)
>The numbers will really go up when we schedule an actual meetup as we can
>use the help of NYLUG and other tech meetups to promote.
>I've also reached out to several organizers that I met in past from other
>tech meetups in NYC and some of them are open to a joint venture (i.e.
>CloudStack and Chef)
>I'm creating a set of polls on meetup to better understand where the NYC
>user base stands to better focus and drive the future events.
>Here is what I propose our first and consequent meet ups should be - open
>to revisions and discussion - I would like to keep them hands on - and if
>possible, record the sessions..
>MeetUp 1 - CloudStack Intro - 2 hour event
>CloudStack Overview 4.0 - 30 minutes
>Installing CS walk through - 10 minutes
>Add VmWare and KVM Cluster - basic networking - 30 minutes
>Whats new in 4.1 and 4.2
>Questions and Answers
>MeetUp 2 - CloudStack in Corp Env - 2 hour
>CloudStack Corporate Use Case - Advanced Network Layout - hands on demo
>Creat Linux CloudStack OS Templates, cloud-init and Chef integration
>(involve Chef NYC user group)
>How CloudStack is used in Company X - Show Case WebMD setup
>Questions and Answers
>MeetUp 3 - CloudStack in Hosting Env - Create your own AWS like cloud
>with EC2 and S3 - 2 hour event
>                CloudStack with Security Groups and Advanced Network
>                CloudStack and EC2 API integration
>                CloudStack and OpenSwift for S3
>                How CloudStack is used in Company X - Show Case Hosting
>Company Setup or WebMD HealthCloud Setup
>                Questions and Answers
>MeetUp 3 - CloudStack IaaS and OpenShift or Cloudify PaaS and IronFoundry
>PaaS - a joint venture
>As mentioned earlier, open for discussion, your input is welcome.

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