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From <>
Subject RE: FW: Wiki visual guidlines
Date Thu, 28 Feb 2013 20:09:42 GMT
Here is where it becomes debate.

I fully agree with you, but I also believe (and we are on the marketing
list) that consistency between publically facing article bearing our intent
and branding is key. And leads to the perceived professionalism of our

I don't mind wandering through some pages and updating header types. I
certainly don't want to delay or slow down people fervently writing kickass
wiki articles.

But this brings up another question, what about grammar, etc?

I'm willing to put in a couple hours a week and curate the wiki, but
establishing norms upfront allows people willing to follow guides, the

So really I'm not saying this is firm must follow or die guidelines, but
something for willing. And for those with no time to format, perhaps someone
like me will be willing to format for them? In fact people adding large
content articles could reach out to myself or the list and request
assistance in formatting and review.

Just some ideas.


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>From: Joe Brockmeier []
>Sent: Thursday, February 28, 2013 11:40 AM
>Subject: Re: FW: Wiki visual guidlines
>Hi Kelcey,
>On Thu, Feb 28, 2013, at 01:29 PM, wrote:
>> I was just thinking right now I could write a whole page in headers
>> which is silly, and there are 6 default headers, also bullet usage and
>> etc.
>Are people doing this, or is this a "it might be a problem, someday"?
>I ask because if people are formatting things in a wildly inconsistent
>right now, then we need to deal with that.
>If *not* then it seems like being over-proscriptive with style guidelines
>be a momentum blocker for someone who's keen on doing some docs on the
>wiki. Not sure "go read the style guidelines first" is in keeping with
>(e.g., I don't want to chastise anyone for using h3 headers instead of h2,
>using red instead of green when they're doing good stuff or having the
>impression of putting speed bumps in the way of getting up more
>Consistency isn't as important as accuracy and completeness, IMHO.
>All that said - if there's really wonky, unreadable stuff on the wiki -
then let's
>address that.
>Joe Brockmeier
>Twitter: @jzb

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