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From Wido den Hollander <>
Subject Re: kvm: /var/log/cloudstack/agent/agent.log is a binary file
Date Fri, 06 Sep 2019 07:32:19 GMT

On 9/5/19 6:03 PM, Riepl, Gregor (SWISS TXT) wrote:
>>> Wido, makes sense that log4j and logrotate would conflict. Log4j
>>> has its
>>> own rotate functionality.
> Note that a few CS log files are not generated by log4j.
> You still need external logrotatation if you don't want them to fill up
> your disk.
> I had this issue with access.log, for example.
> I haven't encountered your "binary" log file issue, however.

log4j and lograte combined seem to be the issue. The agent.log should
not be rotated by logrotate and then the issue is gone.

These files should however:

- security_group.log
- resizevolume.log

I'll check on a PR to fix this.

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