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From li jerry <>
Subject 答复: Unable to release computing resources
Date Wed, 10 Jul 2019 11:11:26 GMT
Hi Rohit
      Sorry, I didn’t make it clear.

Account Info:
Name: "ITDept",
Accounttype: 2,
Roletype: "DomainAdmin",
Rolename: "Domain Admin",
Cpulimit: "12",
Cputotal: "12",
Vmlimit: "4",
Vmtotal: 2

Create 2 VMs under this account:

Now I need to create and run a new VM on this account, I get an error.
Maximum amount of resources of Type = 'cpu' for Account Name = ITDept in Domain Id = 4 is
exceeded: Account Resource Limit = 12, Current Account Resource Amount = 12, Requested Resource
Amount = 2.

VM1, VM2 is already Stopped, it no longer occupies any computing resources, why can't I continue
to create new VMs?

发件人: Rohit Yadav<>
发送时间: 2019年7月10日 16:11
主题: Re: Unable to release computing resources


The flag you've mentioned is an internal CloudStack flag, please don't change that (starting
4.13+ we'll limit showing such flags at least to users). What you want is to decrease the
time CloudStack does capacity checks for which you can tune capacity.check.period, lowering
which will cause CloudStack to aggressively recalculate host capacities. You may also try
to fetch latest statistics which will force recalculation (via cloudmonkey for example: list
capacity fetchlatest=true).


Rohit Yadav

Software Architect, ShapeBlue

From: li jerry <>
Sent: Tuesday, July 9, 2019 8:02:38 PM
Subject: Unable to release computing resources


I want VM to automatically release computing resources (CPU and RAM) after shutdown. I try
to change the Message.ReservedCapacityFreed.Flag parameter of VM to false. When VM is turned
off, the CPU and memory in resource_count are not released.
Excuse me, is there anything I haven't corrected?

Cloudstack 4.11.2/4.11.3 has this problem.<>
Amadeus House, Floral Street, London  WC2E 9DPUK

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