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From "Tutkowski, Mike" <>
Subject Re: Doubt about the development environment and Devcloud
Date Mon, 01 Jul 2019 17:57:46 GMT
I don't have current info on how to set up a dev environment (someone else can provide this
pretty easily, I suspect) as I haven't been writing CloudStack code the past six months, but
I do have a video link you might be interested in regarding building plug-ins in CloudStack
(from a presentation I gave at the CloudStack Collab Conf in Seville in 2016):

On 7/1/19, 11:29 AM, "José Flauzino" <> wrote:

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    Hi, I'm new to the mailing list and it's my first question.
    I'm masters student in computer science at the Federal University of
    Paraná (Brazil) and my research proposal involves developing a
    CloudStack plug-in.
    My initial difficulty is to deploy the complete environment so that I
    have the CloudStack source code in an IDE (e.g., Eclipse) and is able to
    create VMs using this same deploy.
    At the moment, following the documentation [1], I can run CloudStack in
    Eclipse and I even started to develop a test plugin following this here
    [2]. However, only with this I can not to run VMs.
    Reading the documentation I understood that to do this I need of
    Devcloud, but I could not get it because the links (1 [3],2 [4]) I found
    are broken and the DIY tutorials [5] I found are old and did not work
    for me.
    So to be more specific I would ask this questions:
    1 - Has anyone available a OVA or QCOW2 image, or newer DIY tutorial?
    2 - Is it possible to run cloudstack-agent from a CloudStack deployment
    that runs using source code (without packaging) for me to use as a host
    (hypervisor)? If so, how can I do this?
    PS: After I can run CloudStack the way I need it, I'm going to evaluate
    the feasibility of the implementation I want to do, and if I find it to
    be feasible, I send a proposal here on the mailing list to see if it's
    in the community's interest.
    Any suggestions are welcome!
    M.Sc. student in Informatics
     Department of Informatics
     Federal University of Paraná - Brazil
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