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From Richard Lawley <>
Subject Re: Is anyone using SRX Integration?
Date Fri, 07 Jun 2019 08:11:32 GMT
> The last version we used is JunOS 10.x only.

Do you mean that you're not using them anymore?

> You can check the xml config files at the code path  scripts/network/juniper/,  in JunOS
15 to see configuration differences.

Unfortunately it's not as simple as that - the scripts file can be
edited to fix some of the changes, but others require code changes.
For example, looking for an existing port forward rule used to require
looking for the "dst-port" tag, now it requires the "name" tag.  This
is a code change.

Should I be trying to fix this in the codebase or not?  If nobody is
using JunOS 10 SRX devices with current releases of CloudStack then it
should not be a problem.

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