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From Richard Lawley <>
Subject Juniper SRX Support in 4.13
Date Wed, 26 Jun 2019 13:07:12 GMT

In the current release, we list CloudStack as supporting Juniper SRX
(Model srx100b) versions 10.3 to 10.4 R7.5.  As I've mentioned in a
previous email, this is very old (EOL 2014).  The main thing that
causes a problem here is that somewhere between JunOS 10 and 15, Port
Forwarding changed from being a single port per rule to a port-range
per rule.

I'm prepared to modify the SRX plugin so that it works fully with
JunOS 15 (I've done some basics), but to fully complete this would
require breaking compatibility with older versions.  I think given
that JunOS 15 is the lowest currently available version, and 19 is
also available, it would be better if upped the minimum requirements.

In addition, when I asked previously for input from anyone using it,
there was only one response (from Jayapal Uradi), so I don't think
this is being widely used.  We're trying to use SRXs with JunOS 15
(and also testing with vSRX appliances).

What are anyone's thoughts on bumping the supported SRX version to 15?



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