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From Nathan Johnson <>
Subject Proposal for EFI firmware support on KVM
Date Wed, 13 Mar 2019 14:29:29 GMT
I've put together an approach for EFI support that we would like to get some feedback on before
I create a PR.  Constructive criticism would be appreciated.

I've added the following properties to be configured in the

guest.loader.efi - boolean to switch efi on.  This must be true before it will inject any
<loader> entries into the domain xml
guest.loader.image - this would be the path to the bios/efi image
guest.loader.nvram - this optionally points to an nvram image

Even when a host is configured so that it can use EFI, it will only actually create a virtual
machine when both of the following conditions are met:

1) the host has guest.locader.efi set to true in its
2) the vm has the vm details parameter efi=true

At present there is no automatic way for the management server to know in advance which hosts
have EFI enabled.  I suppose this could be approximated using tags.  It might be nice to make
this more automatic, and have the resource planner aware of the efi toggle on the VM, but
I'm not sure how best to implement that or if it's even worth it.

Thanks in advance!

Nathan Johnson
Senior R&D Engineer
Education Networks of America

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