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From Nathan Johnson <>
Subject questions about 4.11 future
Date Wed, 02 Jan 2019 18:23:21 GMT
First off, is there going to be a 4.11.3 release?

Assuming so, at what point would it be appropriate to add database migrations?  I have a bug
fix I’d like to open a PR on, but it will require a small database change - namely inserting
a record into the configuration table.

Is it appropriate for me to start a new migration path for 4.11.3 to facilitate this fix?
 Or would it be more appropriate for the release manager to do this?

If you’d like, I have a 4.11.3 database migration started in my branch (i.e., added a schema-41120to41130.sql
/ cleanup , added a , and added the Upgrade41120to41130 class to
all of the paths mentioned in DatabaseUpgradeChecker).  if you’d like me to open a PR on
effectively an empty 4.11.3 migrations path, and then I could make a second PR that just adds
the appropriate sql statement(s) for the actual bug fix PR.

Thanks in advance,

Nathan Johnson
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