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From Wido den Hollander <>
Subject Re: KVM CloudStack Agent Hacking proposal
Date Tue, 23 Oct 2018 06:46:02 GMT

On 10/22/18 8:02 PM, Ivan Kudryavtsev wrote:
> Hello, Devs.
> I would like to introduce a feature and decided to consult with you about
> its design before implementation. The feature is connected with KVM
> CloudStack agent. We have found it beneficial to be able to launch custom
> scripts upon VM start/stop. It can be done using Qemu hook but it has
> several drawbacks:
> - the hook is deployed by CS and adding additional lines into it leads to
> extra efforts when ACS package is updated.
> - it leads to deadlocks as you cannot effectively and easy to communicate
> with libvirt from hook even with "fork & exec" because
> and agent also participate and as a result it causes deadlocks.
> Now, in the code, we have a call for "":
> Start:
> Stop:
> I would like is to introduce a more generic approach, so the administrator
> can specify additional scripts in the, which will be
> called the same way "" called.
> custom.vm.start=/path/to/script1,path/to.script2
> custom.vm.stop=/path/to/script3,path/to.script4
> So, this feature will help users to do custom hotplug mechanisms. E.g. we
> have such implementation which adds per-account VXLAN as a hotplug ethernet
> device. So, even for a Basic Zone, every VM gets automatic second NIC which
> helps to build a private network for an account.
> Currently, we do the job thru adding lines into, which
> is not a good approach, especially for end users who don't want to hack the
> system.
> Also, I'm thinking about changing /etc/libvirt/hooks/qemu the same way, so
> it was just an entry point to  /etc/libvirt/hooks/qemu.d/* located scripts.
> Let me know about this feature proposal and if its design is good, we start
> developing it.

Seems like a good thing! It adds flexibility to the VM.

How are you planning on getting things like the VM name and other
details to the scripts?


> Have a good day.

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