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From Rene Moser <>
Subject [DISCUSS] VR upgrading workflow thoughts
Date Mon, 02 Apr 2018 16:32:49 GMT

One of the biggest challenges in cloudstack is upgrading VRs in an
advanced networking setup.

Even though with the latest efforts made by shapeblue and Rohit (nice
work) the replacement of a VR does not disconnect the services behind
the router anymore, there is still room for improvement.

Currently, the issue we still face for clouds in production using
advanced networking is, a valid roll back path.

Today upgrade path works like this (correct me when I am wrong)

1. upload new template
2. upgrade management service
3. rolling out new VRs

The issue is, the VRs can not be fully used until upgraded (new
instances, new firewall rules etc, are not possible)

Our vision is that a new VR template would also be compatible with
previous version of cloudstack management service. This would allow to
rolling out new VRs using _before_ upgrading the management service:

1. upload new template
2. rolling out new VRs
3. upgrade management service

What are the benefits of this?

It would allow to test the VRs before the management service upgrade and
roll back to previous template (or upload a fixed template) in case of

A rollback of the management service would not necessarily result in
redeployment of VRs as they were still compatible.

Any thoughts?

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