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From Rohit Yadav <>
Subject Re: HA issues
Date Wed, 17 Jan 2018 09:09:19 GMT
Hi Lucian,

The "Host HA" feature is entirely different from VM HA, however, they may work in tandem,
so please stop using the terms interchangeably as it may cause the community to believe a
regression has been caused.

The "Host HA" feature currently ships with only "Host HA" provider for KVM that is strictly
tied to out-of-band management (IPMI for fencing, i.e power off and recovery, i.e. reboot)
and NFS (as primary storage). (We also have a provider for simulator, but that's for coverage/testing

Therefore, "Host HA" for KVM (+nfs) currently works only when OOBM is enabled. The frameowkr
allows interested parties may write their own HA providers for a hypervisor that can use a
different strategy/mechanism for fencing/recovery of hosts (including write a non-IPMI based
OOBM plugin) and host/disk activity checker that is non-NFS based.

The "Host HA" feature ships disabled by default and does not cause any interference with VM
HA. However, when enabled and configured correctly, it is a known limitation that when it
is unable to successfully perform recovery or fencing tasks it may not trigger VM HA. We can
discuss how to handle such cases (thoughts?). "Host HA" would try couple of times to recover
and failing to do so, it would eventually trigger a host fencing task. If it's unable to fence
a host, it will indefinitely attempt to fence the host (the host state will be stuck at fencing
state in cloud.ha_config table for example) and alerts will be sent to admin who can do some
manual intervention to handle such situations (if you've email/smtp enabled, you should see
alert emails).

We can discuss how to improve and have a workaround for the case you've hit, thanks for sharing.

- Rohit

From: Nux! <>
Sent: Tuesday, January 16, 2018 10:42:35 PM
To: dev
Subject: Re: HA issues

Ok, reinstalled and re-tested.

What I've learned:

- HA only works now if OOB is configured, the old way HA no longer applies - this can be good
and bad, not everyone has IPMIs

- HA only works if IPMI is reachable. I've pulled the cord on a HV and HA failed to do its
thing, leaving me with a HV down along with all the VMs running there. That's bad.
I've opened this ticket for it:

Let me know if you need any extra info or stuff to test.


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> From: "Nux!" <>
> To: "dev" <>
> Sent: Tuesday, 16 January, 2018 11:35:58
> Subject: Re: HA issues

> I'll reinstall my setup and try again, just to be sure I'm working on a clean
> slate.
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> Nux!
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>> From: "Rohit Yadav" <>
>> To: "dev" <>
>> Sent: Tuesday, 16 January, 2018 11:29:51
>> Subject: Re: HA issues
>> Hi Lucian,
>> If you're talking about the new HostHA feature (with KVM+nfs+ipmi), please refer
>> to following docs:
>> We'll need to you look at logs perhaps create a JIRA ticket with the logs and
>> details? If you saw ipmi based reboot, then host-ha indeed tried to recover
>> i.e. reboot the host, once hostha has done its work it would schedule HA for VM
>> as soon as the recovery operation succeeds (we've simulator and kvm based
>> marvin tests for such scenarios).
>> Can you see it making attempt to schedule VM ha in logs, or any failure?
>> - Rohit
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>> From: Nux! <>
>> Sent: Tuesday, January 16, 2018 12:47:56 AM
>> To: dev
>> Subject: [4.11] HA issues
>> Hi,
>> I see there's a new HA engine for KVM and IPMI support which is really nice,
>> however it seems hit and miss.
>> I have created an instance with HA offering, kernel panicked one of the
>> hypervisors - after a while the server was rebooted via IPMI probably, but the
>> instance never moved to a running hypervisor and even after the original
>> hypervisor came back it was still left in Stopped state.
>> Is there any extra things I need to set up to have proper HA?
>> Regards,
>> Lucian
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>> Nux!
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