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From David Mabry <>
Subject Re: CS 4.8 KVM VMs will not live migrate
Date Tue, 30 Jan 2018 14:00:46 GMT
Hi Wei,

I detached the iso and received the same error.  Just out of curiosity, what leads you to
believe it is something in the vxlan code?  I guess at this point, attaching a remote debugger
to the agent in question might be the best way to get to the bottom of what is going on.

Thanks in advance for the help.  I really, really appreciate it.

David Mabry

´╗┐On 1/30/18, 3:30 AM, "Wei ZHOU" <> wrote:

    The answer should be caused by an exception in the cloudstack agent.
    I tried to migrate a vm in our testing env, it is working.
    there are some different between our env and yours.
    (1) vlan VS vxlan
    (2) no ISO VS attached ISO
    (3) both of us use ceph and centos7.
    I suspect it is caused by codes on vxlan.
    However, could you detach the ISO and try again ?
    2018-01-29 19:48 GMT+01:00 David Mabry <>:
    > Good day Cloudstack Devs,
    > I've run across a real head scratcher.  I have two VMs, (initially 3 VMs,
    > but more on that later) on a single host, that I cannot live migrate to any
    > other host in the same cluster.  We discovered this after attempting to
    > roll out patches going from CentOS 7.2 to CentOS 7.4.  Initially, we
    > thought it had something to do with the new version of libvirtd or qemu-kvm
    > on the other hosts in the cluster preventing these VMs from migrating, but
    > we are able to live migrate other VMs to and from this host without issue.
    > We can even create new VMs on this specific host and live migrate them
    > after creation with no issue.  We've put the migration source agent,
    > migration destination agent and the management server in debug and don't
    > seem to get anything useful other than "Unsupported command".  Luckily, we
    > did have one VM that was shutdown and restarted, this is the 3rd VM
    > mentioned above.  Since that VM has been restarted, it has no issues live
    > migrating to any other host in the cluster.
    > I'm at a loss as to what to try next and I'm hoping that someone out there
    > might have had a similar issue and could shed some light on what to do.
    > Obviously, I can contact the customer and have them shutdown their VMs, but
    > that will potentially just delay this problem to be solved another day.
    > Even if shutting down the VMs is ultimately the solution, I'd still like to
    > understand what happened to cause this issue in the first place with the
    > hopes of preventing it in the future.
    > Here's some information about my setup:
    > Cloudstack 4.8 Advanced Networking
    > CentOS 7.2 and 7.4 Hosts
    > Ceph RBD Primary Storage
    > NFS Secondary Storage
    > Instance in Question for Debug: i-532-1392-NSVLTN
    > I have attached relevant debug logs to this email if anyone wishes to take
    > a look.  I think the most interesting error message that I have received is
    > the following:
    > 468390:2018-01-27 08:59:35,172 DEBUG [c.c.a.t.Request]
    > (Work-Job-Executor-6:ctx-188ea30f job-181792/job-181802 ctx-8e7f45ad)
    > (logid:f0888362) Seq 22-942378222027276319: Received:  { Ans: , MgmtId:
    > 14038012703634, via: 22(, Ver: v1, Flags: 110,
    > { UnsupportedAnswer } }
    > 468391:2018-01-27 08:59:35,172 WARN  [c.c.a.m.AgentManagerImpl]
    > (Work-Job-Executor-6:ctx-188ea30f job-181792/job-181802 ctx-8e7f45ad)
    > (logid:f0888362) Unsupported Command: Unsupported command issued:
    >  Are you sure you got the
    > right type of server?
    > 468392:2018-01-27 08:59:35,179 ERROR [c.c.v.VmWorkJobHandlerProxy]
    > (Work-Job-Executor-6:ctx-188ea30f job-181792/job-181802 ctx-8e7f45ad)
    > (logid:f0888362) Invocation exception, caused by:
    > Resource [Host:22] is unreachable: Host 22: Unable to prepare for migration
    > due to Unsupported command issued:
    > Are you sure you got the right type of server?
    > 468393:2018-01-27 08:59:35,179 INFO  [c.c.v.VmWorkJobHandlerProxy]
    > (Work-Job-Executor-6:ctx-188ea30f job-181792/job-181802 ctx-8e7f45ad)
    > (logid:f0888362) Rethrow exception
    > Resource [Host:22] is unreachable: Host 22: Unable to prepare for migration
    > due to Unsupported command issued:
    > Are you sure you got the right type of server?
    > I've tracked this "Unsupported command" down in the CS 4.8 code to
    > cloudstack/api/src/com/cloud/agent/api/ which is the generic
    > answer class.  I believe where the error is really being spawned from is
    > cloudstack/engine/orchestration/src/com/cloud/
    > vm/  Specifically:
    >         Answer pfma = null;
    >         try {
    >             pfma = _agentMgr.send(dstHostId, pfmc);
    >             if (pfma == null || !pfma.getResult()) {
    >                 final String details = pfma != null ? pfma.getDetails() :
    > "null answer returned";
    >                 final String msg = "Unable to prepare for migration due to
    > " + details;
    >                 pfma = null;
    >                 throw new AgentUnavailableException(msg, dstHostId);
    >             }
    > The pfma returned must be in error or is never returned and therefore
    > still null.  That answer appears that it should be coming from the
    > destination agent, but for the life of me I can't figure out what the root
    > cause of this error is beyond, "Unsupported command issued".  What command
    > is unsupported?  My guess is that it could be something wrong with the dxml
    > that is generated and passed to the destination host, but I have as yet
    > been unable to catch that dxml in debug.
    > Any help or guidance is greatly appreciated.
    > Thanks,
    > David Mabry

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