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From Rohit Yadav <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Replace the default built-in centos template
Date Mon, 18 Dec 2017 07:38:05 GMT
Thanks all for your feedback, I've moved the systemvmtemplate appliance build infra to packer
in PR #2211. I've also added a new CentOS7 based built-in template that may be used for this
initiative. The new build infra uses packer and qemu to build templates and qemu-img, ovftool
and vhd-utils to export templates for all supported hypervisors - KVM, VMware, XenServer,
OVM and Hyper-V.

I tested the upstream builds from CentOS7 and it did not work for me, perhaps we can use the
built-in/packer template and go from there. Thoughts?


From: Rohit Yadav <>
Sent: Monday, December 11, 2017 11:26:52 PM
Subject: Re: [DISCUSS] Replace the default built-in centos template

I like the idea of having two default/built-in templates for users - CentOS and Ubuntu (or
Debian or both?), however, most of the distros don't host all the templates in all the formats
that CloudStack can consume.

The other issues are how do we fix this for users, I propose:

- We don't add these new templates for existing environments/installations to maintain backward
compatibilities and usage. The built-in templates are available on

- For new installations, we add these new built-in templates in the templates.sql file.

However, the old CentOS5.x based built-in template is used in several of the tests where the
tool/env is not same as found in macchinina or other test templates. To solve this problem,
I propose to keep the built-in templates separate from test-templates -- I've started refactoring
smoke tests (in my PR #2211) to use a new utility 'get_test_template' from marvin that atmost
downloads a test template (currently macchinina) returns them to tests to use. (I hit some
issues where I could not replace the built-in centos template with macchinina as cert tools/binaries
are not available or kernel does not understand a filesystem type etc. I'm compiling those
issues and will work with Nux and others to eventually get them fixed). I think for reproducibilities
(of running and verifying test/results), we need a test template that is different from what
is shipped in prod cloudstack env (and also small, fast).

- Rohit

From: Wido den Hollander <>
Sent: Sunday, December 10, 2017 6:09:15 PM
Subject: Re: [DISCUSS] Replace the default built-in centos template

On 12/09/2017 07:18 PM, Milamber wrote:
> Great idea. Perhaps using the official CentOS 7 generic image
> or
> (need to update the download method to add the support of XZ format)

Yes, CentOS 7 seems fine. I am a Ubuntu user/fan and they also have a
cloud image:

We might include CentOS and Ubuntu as they are the two major
distributions out there.


> On 09/12/2017 14:36, Rohit Yadav wrote:
>> All,
>> I would like to kick a discussion thread on replacing the current
>> centos5 based built-in guest vm template with a systemd and cloud-init
>> enabled centos7 one?
>> Thoughts, comments?
>> Regards.
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