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From Rene Moser <>
Subject CloudStack LTS EOL date?
Date Tue, 21 Nov 2017 11:04:23 GMT
Hi all

The current LTS release is 4.9 which is EOL in June 2018 according to

AFAIK there are no works planed for a new LTS. The release pace has
slown down (the high pace and leaving users behind fixes was the reason
for the LTS).

I am still pro LTS but in my opinion we should have defined the EOL in
relation of the successor LTS release date: "The EOL of the current LTS
is +6 months after the next LTS release."

Small example:

Current LTS 4.9
Next LTS 4.1x release on 01.04. --> LTS 4.9 is 01.10.

Does this make sense? Other suggestions?


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