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From Rene Moser <>
Subject Re: CloudStack LTS EOL date?
Date Mon, 27 Nov 2017 09:52:02 GMT
Hi Paul

On 11/22/2017 05:39 PM, Paul Angus wrote:
> HI All, 
> The current LTS cycle is based on having an LTS release twice a year (at the time of
design, ACS releases were coming out monthly).
> So, twice a year (nominally, January and July) we take the then current version of CloudStack,
and declare that an LTS version, for which would we would then backport fixes for a period
of up to 2 years.  Thereby giving end users a version of CloudStack which would receive bug
fixes for an extended period.  
> This year however, the current version in January was the same as the current version
in July, therefore 4.9 became the 'July' LTS as well as January LTS and therefore 4.9 will
be supported until summer 2019 (hence the 4.9.3 release)
> I and a number of my colleagues remain committed to continue to support 'LTS' releases
in this fashion (there just wasn't anything really to 'announce' in July), which may be why
people think that nothing is happening.
> With 2 LTS releases a year (6 months apart), 'next LTS +6 months' would only be 12 months
from release.  Which I think is really too short a period for the majority of enterprises.
 Although we haven't written it this way, the current scheme gives a EOL of 'next LTS + 18
> So, I'm in favour of leaving things as they are.   The wiki page looks like it needs
updating to be clearer (I'm happy to do that) 

Does the release of an LTS include minor releases, is a release of 4.9.x
an "LTS" release? Or is a 4.x an LTS release. My understanding was, that
4.x are new "releases".

My concerns are, we can not guarantee 2 LTS releases per year, can we?

Predicting the future is hard and we should have a more "relative"
sentence how long we support it.

In my opition, there should be an overlapping of support time for at
east 6 monnths (that is why I added +6 months).

What would it cost to change the support time of an LTS like:

"6 months after next LTS release (minimum 18 months)."


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