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From Andrija Panic <>
Subject Re: Advise on multiple PODs network design
Date Thu, 05 Oct 2017 09:51:49 GMT
Thanks Rafael,

yes that is my expectation also (same broadcast domain for Guest network),
so it doesn't really solve my problem (identical thing is expected for
Public Network, at least, if not other networks also)
Other options seems to be zones per each X racks...

Will see.


On 4 October 2017 at 22:25, Rafael Weingärtner <>

> I think this can cause problems, if not properly managed. Unless you
> concentrate Domains/Users in Pods. Otherwise, you might end up with some
> VMs of the same user/domain/project in different pods, and if they are all
> in the same VPC for instance, we would expect them to be in the same
> broadcast domain.
> I think to apply what you want, it may require some designing and testing,
> but it feels feasible with ACS.
> On 10/4/2017 5:19 PM, Andrija Panic wrote:
>> Anyone?  I know I'm trying to squeeze some free paid consulting here :),
>> but trying to understand if PODs makes sense in this situation....
>> Thx
>> On 2 October 2017 at 10:21, Andrija Panic <>
>> wrote:
>> Hi guys,
>>> Sorry for long post below...
>>> I was wondering if someone could bring some light for me for multiple
>>> PODs
>>> networking design (L2 vs L3) - idea is to make smaller L2 broadcast
>>> domains
>>> (any other reason?)
>>> We might decide to transition from current single pod, single cluster
>>> (single zone) to multiple PODs design (or not...) - we will eventually
>>> grow
>>> to over 50 racks worth of KVM hosts (1000+ hosts) so Im trying to
>>> understand best options to avoid having insanely huge L2 broadcast
>>> domains...
>>> Mgmt network is routed between pods, that is clear.
>>> We have dedicated primary storage network and Secondary Storage networks
>>> (vlan interfaces configured locally on all KVM hosts, providing direct L2
>>> connection obviously, not shared with, and same for Public
>>> and Guest networks... (Advanced networking in zone, Vxlan used as
>>> isolation)
>>> Now with multiple PODs, since Public Network and Guest network is defined
>>> per Zone level (not POD level), and currently same zone-wide setup for
>>> Primary Storage... what would be the best way to make this traffic stay
>>> inside PODs as much as possible and is this possible at all? Perhaps I
>>> would need to look into multiple zones, not PODs.
>>> My humble conclusion, based on having all dedicated networks, is that I
>>> need to strech (L2 attach as vlan interface) primary and secondary
>>> storage
>>> network across all racks/PODs, and also need to strech Guest vlan (that
>>> carry all Guest VXLAN tunnels), and again same for Public Network...and
>>> this again makes huge broadcast domains and doesn't solve my issue...
>>> Don't see other option in my head to make networking work across PODs.
>>> Any suggestion is most welcome (and if of any use as info - we dont plan
>>> for any Xen, VmWare etc, will stay purely with KVM).
>>> Thanks
>>> Andrija
> --
> Rafael Weingärtner


Andrija Panić

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