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From Andrija Panic <>
Subject Help/Advice needed - some traffic don't reach VNET / VM
Date Mon, 09 Oct 2017 20:52:34 GMT
Hi guys,

we have occasional but serious problem, that starts happening as it seems
randomly (i.e. NOT under high load)  - not ACS related afaik, purely KVM,
but feedback is really welcomed.

- VM is reachable in general from everywhere, but not reachable from
specific IP address ?!
- VM is NOT under high load, network traffic next to zero, same for
- We mitigate this problem by migrating VM away to another host, not much
of a solution...

Description of problem:

We let ping from "problematic" source IP address to the problematic VM, and
we capture traffic on KVM host where the problematic VM lives:

- Tcpdump on VXLAN interface (physical incoming interface on the host) - we
see packet fine
- tcpdump on BRIDGE = we see packet fine
- tcpdump on VNET = we DON'T see packet.

In the scenario above, I need to say that :
- we can tcpdump packets from other source IPs on the VNET interface just
fine (as expected), so should also see this problematic source IP's packets
- we can actually ping in oposite direction - from the problematic VM to
the problematic "source" IP

We checked everything possible, from bridge port forwarding, to mac-to-vtep
mapping, to many other things, removed traffic shaping from VNET interface,
no iptables/ebtables, no STP on bridge, remove and rejoin interfaces to
bridge, destroy bridge and create manually on the fly,

Problem is really crazy, and I can not explain it - no iptables, no
ebtables for troubleshooting pruposes (on this host) and

We mitigate this problem by migrating VM away to another host, not much of
a solution...

This is Ubuntu 14.04, Qemu 2.5 (libvirt 1.3.1),
Stock kernel 3.16-xx, regular bridge (not OVS)

Anyone else ever heard of such problem - this is not intermittent packet
dropping, but complete blackout/packet drop in some way...



Andrija Panić

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