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From "Tutkowski, Mike" <>
Subject Re: Checkstyle / code style / reformatting
Date Fri, 29 Sep 2017 13:11:44 GMT
I wonder if it wouldn’t be best to wait on this until master is in code freeze. At that point,
it seems like we could add whatever rules we’d like and have almost no impact on pending
master PRs.

For me personally, although I haven’t opened it yet, I have a large PR I plan to open in
the coming weeks and I’m not looking forward to potentially changing a million formatting
issues in it due to new formatting rules. :)

On 9/29/17, 1:44 AM, "Marc-Aurèle Brothier" <> wrote:

    Hi everyone,
    Would you think it's worth tightening the checkstyle rules and run a
    reformatting pass on the code base to align everything slowly? I know it
    will hide changes using the blame functionality, and would force people to
    edit some PR. Is the trade-off worth it for you?
    The idea would be to add one by one those extra checkstyle rules, and do
    the code change/reformat accordingly each time with one rule in one PR. A
    new rule should first be accepted by the community before starting on the
    PR to do the changes (otherwise it might be a lot of wasted time). When
    merged, a new rule can be added.
    The code style that bothers me most right now for example is blocks without
    braces, so my first proposal would be:
            <module name="NeedBraces">
                <property name="allowSingleLineStatement" value="true"/>
    I have a lot more to add, but as said, one at a time ;-)
    The list of rules:
    The current rules:
    What do you think?

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