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From Nathan Johnson <>
Subject [proposal] allow mac address to be specified for vm and nic creation
Date Tue, 13 Jun 2017 13:25:40 GMT
The title pretty much says it all.  Currently mac addresses are  
automagically generated based on the guru that is responsible for the  
network type.  This would allow that behavior to be overridden by the API  
on deployVirtualMachine and addNicToVirtualMachine .  One potential issue  
is that if the specified mac address was in the same range of potentially  
auto-generated mac addresses, there could be a collision, however this  
could be pretty easily mitigated by just testing for a mac already defined  
by that network and asking for the next  
getNextAvailableMacAddressInNetwork.  The primary driver for this is to be  
able to import VMs from other hypervisors / environments where the mac  
address of the guest would need to stay the same, for instance if a piece  
of commercial software was tied to the MAC address.  I have a working PR  

minus the logic around avoiding collisions where manually specified mac  
addresses for a network in the same range as those generated by the guru,  
and the guru generating a collision sometime later.

Nathan Johnson
R&D Engineer
Education Networks of America

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