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From Rene Moser <>
Subject [DISCUSS] API versioning
Date Sun, 04 Jun 2017 09:04:32 GMT

I recently developed ansible modules for the ACL API and ... found this
has a really inconsistent API naming. E.g.

createNetworkACL <<-- this creates an ACL rule
createNetworkACLList <<-- this create the ACL

updateNetworkACLItem <<-- this updates an ACL rule
updateNetworkACLList <<-- this updates the ACL

My first thoughs was, someone has to fix this, like

createNetworkAclRule <<-- this create the ACL rule
createNetworkAcl <<-- this creates an ACL

updateNetworkAclRule <<-- this updates the ACL rule
updateNetworkAcl <<-- this updates an ACL

But how without breaking the API for backwards compatibility? I know a
few other places where the API has inconsistent namings. Fixing the API
but in a controlled way? What about by adding a version to the API?

I would like to introduce a API versioning to cloudstack: The current
API would be frozen into verison v1. The new API will have v2. The
versioned API has the URL scheme:


The current API would be /client/api/v1 and the /client/api would be an
alias for v1. This ensures backwards compatibility.

This would allow us to deprecate and change APIs.

Any thoughts?

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