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From "Christian Aublet" <>
Subject Re: Dynamic roles
Date Thu, 15 Jun 2017 17:34:56 GMT
more details here :

Christian Aublet
On 2017-06-14 01:35:10, Rohit Yadav <> wrote:
Hi Christian,

Based on the error logs, I believe they are not related with dynamic roles changes. If your
admin/user accounts are able to login and execute APIs (via UI/CLI) then the migration script
has worked. For checking if a particular role is allowed to execute a certain API, see the
role specific (API) permissions from UI/API.

I'm not sure in the error logs, what id=41 is related to, likely the snapshot. I would advise
you to further investigate your environment, especially failures that may be from the hypervisor/XenServer

From: Christian Aublet <>
Sent: 14 June 2017 01:25:47
To: Rohit Yadav
Subject: Fw: Dynamic roles
Hi Rohit,

I'm doing QA on and I'm having issues with a Create template from snapshot operation.
We are using XenServers 6.5 SP1. Secondary store is swift.

I did ran the python script ( to update database with dynamic roles
and validated that the global setting is set to true.

I have no issue doing this using the admin account, but when using a user account part of
a suborg, I'm not able to create a template from a Snapshot (Create volume from same snapshot
works). it's failing with error : 
"Complete async job-40308, jobStatus: FAILED, resultCode: 530, result: org.apache.cloudstack.api.response.ExceptionResponse/null/{"uuidList":[],"errorcode":431,"errortext":"Unable
to find UUID for id 41"}" 

where id 41 is : 
"'41', '1', '44', '5', '11164', '48', 'BackedUp', NULL, 'i-caublet-VDILifeCycle_ROOT-10920_20170612174050',
'b8934194-abd4-4e6a-a514-71bd4019ed88', '0', 'MANUAL', '8589934592', '2017-06-12 17:40:50',

Any clue?

Christian Aublet
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