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From Nathan Johnson <>
Subject Re: [proposal] allow mac address to be specified for vm and nic creation
Date Tue, 13 Jun 2017 14:29:03 GMT
Ron Wheeler <> wrote:

> Does the PR include the documentation changes required to use it?

Currently this is API only, and the API annotations have been updated to  
show how it is used.  Automatic documentation generation that is currently  
used to generate API docs would pick this up.

> Networking is one of the areas where Cloudstack is hard to understand and  
> difficult to get setup properly.
> Anything that adds another option increases the complexity.
> Making Cloudstack more difficult to install in order to circumvent a  
> legal agreement seems like a bad idea.

This would do nothing to make cloudstack more difficult to install, and  
that is quite a leap to assume that this is circumventing any legal  
requirement.  Specifying mac addresses is available at the OS level for  
practically all operating systems, it’s allowed by most virtualization  
platforms, this is simply exposing an optional feature.   We happen to have  
a specific use case for it.  This does nothing to increase complexity for  
the operator, if you don’t use this feature then existing behavior is  
preserved.  It does add a marginal amount of complexity to the networking  
codebase, but the added bits do have unit and integration test coverage.

> Ron
> On 13/06/2017 9:49 AM, Nathan Johnson wrote:
>> Ron Wheeler <> wrote:
>>> This would seem to violate the license agreement.
>>> The license is supposed to be tied to specific hardware not a VM.
>>> This sounds like something to be addressed legally rather than  
>>> technically.
>> Possibly, but I don’t think that is so much a cloudstack concern as the
>> users of cloudstack.
>>> It adds more complexity to a part of Cloudstack that already seems to be
>>> a barrier to entry.
>> This feature is actually to address a current barrier to entry for one of
>> our customers.
>> Nathan
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