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From Andrija Panic <>
Subject help/advise needed: Private gateway vs. new physcial network issue
Date Wed, 03 May 2017 20:46:41 GMT
Hi all,

I'm trying to to test Private Gateway on our production (actually on DEV
first :) ) setup, of ACS 4.5,
but I'm hitting some strange issues during actual creation of PV GTW.

My setup is the following:

ACS 4.5, advanced zone KVM (ubuntu 14)
mgmt network: KVM label/name: cloudbr0
sec. KMV label/name: cloudbr2
guest network KVM label/name: bond0.950 (we use vxlans, so this is
public network KVM label/name: cloudbr3

This above is all fine, but when adding PRIV.GTW, ACS tries to provision
new vlan interface (later with bridge...) on top of selected physical
interface (from the list above) - which in my case is impossible, as it

So I decided to add addional Physical Network (name: bond0), so I expect
ACS will provision i.e. bond0.999 vlan interface for one PRIV.GTW for
testing purposes (vlan 999)

- in running zone, I need to disable it, then I use CloudMonkey to add zone:
* create physicalnetwork name=bond0 broadcastdomainrange=zone
zoneid=d27f6354-a715-40c7-8322-a31091f97699 isolationmethod=vlan
Afterwards I do enable the zone: update physicalnetwork state=Enabled

First command above, does NOT update DB table
with new record, so when you list network it dont mentions isolation_method.
OK, I edit DB directly, and create new row referencing new network by ID,
and vlan set as isolation method.

BTW, table cloud.physical_network_traffic_types is not populated, which I
assume is OK/good since I don't want any normal traffci
(mgmt/guest.public/storage) to go over this physical net - but again this
might be the root of problems ? Since the only guest network is on PIF

When I try to create PRIV.GTW, ACS does some magic, and again tries to
provision vlan 999 interface (example vlan from above) on bond0.950 (guest
network) (bond0.950.999)

I checked the logs (attached below) and it does trie to provision GTW on
new physical network really.

I'm assuming, that maybe since no values for new bond0 network inside table
cloud.physical_network_traffic_types is populated, that than ACS fails back
to only available guest network, and that is bond0.950 - also I recall we
need to define KVM label so the ACS will actaully know on which interface
to use... (which is missing from DB for new bond0 network, as explained...)

I checked the logs, and didn't see any intersting stuff really (perhaps I'm
missing something...)

I would really appreciate any help, since I dont know which direction to go


Andrija Panić

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