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From Nathan Johnson <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Separate creation and backup operations for a volume snapshot
Date Tue, 09 May 2017 14:09:48 GMT
Harika Punna <> wrote:
> Currently, Volume Snapshots in Cloudstack take considerable amount of  
> time to complete as snapshot involves creation on primary and backup on  
> secondary. I would like to introduce an optional parameter in  
> CreateSnapshotCmd API to separate these operations.
> More details in the FS:
> Thanks,
> Harika.

Hello Harika.  There was a related discussion around a global configuration  
parameter snapshot.backup.rightafter

See the thread here:

And here is the PR where this was merged into 4.9:

This is distinct from what you propose, and I like the idea of being able  
to specify whether or not to back up at snapshot creation time, versus only  
having a global configuration parameter.

Also one remaining issue with the current implementation of snapshots and  
backups is that if the snapshot.backup.rightafter parameter is set to  
false, on doing certain operations with snapshots (create template from  
snapshot iirc, perhaps some others) it will then need to take the backup to  
secondary at that time, and it will be very slow.  I think at some point  
you have to take that hit, so maybe there is no way around this.

But that brings me to a followup point: since the PR was merged above, ACS  
will backup on-demand any snapshots that need to be on secondary that only  
exist on primary. it would be nice to also have an optional cleanup thread  
and an expiration of backups to secondary.  Or maybe API endpoints that  
would allow some external management of backups.

What do you think?

Nathan Johnson
R&D Engineer
Education Networks of America

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