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From Wido den Hollander <>
Subject [DISCUSS] Config Drive: Using the OpenStack format?
Date Fri, 19 May 2017 13:15:28 GMT

Yesterday at ApacheCon Kris from Nuage networks gave a great presentation about alternatives
for userdata from the VR: Config Drive

In short, a CD-ROM/ISO attached to the Instance containing the meta/userdata instead of having
the VR serve it.

The outstanding PR [0] uses it's own format on the ISO while cloud-init already has support
for config drive [1].

This format uses 'openstack' in the name, but it seems to be in cloud-init natively and well

I started the discussion yesterday during the talk and thought to take it to the list.

My opinion is that we should use the OpenStack format for the config drive:

- It's already in cloud-init
- Easier to templates to be used on CloudStack
- Easier adoption

We can always write a file like "GENERATED_BY_APACHE_CLOUDSTACK" or something on the ISO.

We can also symlink the 'openstack' directory to a directory called 'cloudstack' on the ISO.

Does anybody else have a opinion on this one?



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