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From Gust <>
Subject Stop one of primary storage but no vm diskimg in it , All vm stoped.
Date Wed, 22 Mar 2017 03:12:43 GMT
Our cloudstack (4.9.1) group have 4 primary storage  named as A/B/C/D, almost all vm disk image
in A storage. only one  vm (name VMC1) disk image in C storage.

yesterday , 
we close  VMC1 and  change the C storage to maintance state,  
then stop the NFS service  in C storage ,  
after that , all vm stoped , whatever vm disk image in A or in C,
we were stunned. 

In cloudstack website , we found follow doc , but it descripte stops all VMs stored on C storage
device in my situation, what happenned ?

Primary Storage Outage and Data Loss¶
When a primary storage outage occurs the hypervisor immediately stops all VMs stored     ——>
   on that storage device    <——     . Guests that are marked for HA will be restarted
as soon as practical when the primary storage comes back on line. With NFS, the hypervisor
may allow the virtual machines to continue running depending on the nature of the issue. For
example, an NFS hang will cause the guest VMs to be suspended until storage connectivity is
restored.Primary storage is not designed to be backed up. Individual volumes in primary storage
can be backed up using snapshots.

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