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From Wido den Hollander <>
Subject Replacing by
Date Fri, 10 Mar 2017 10:36:13 GMT

Will Stevens and I have been working on a replacement for

This resulted in which is also available over SSL! is a CNAME to and is hosted by me in Amsterdam
(on CloudStack and Ceph).

In the future I'd like to scale this out to more systems on different providers by using RR-DNS,
but for now let's not make it very difficult.

There is a PR open [0] to start to do this, but we also have documentation which might need
to be fixed.

RPM and DEB packages are also available on

- RPM:
- DEB:

SystemVMs are also available:

In total there is 126GB of data on the server:

0	centos7
4.0K	release.asc
12K	foss
316K	tools
629M	tmp
2.9G	archive
3.7G	rhel
5.3G	releases
8.3G	centos
19G	ubuntu
24G	systemvm
64G	templates

If you want to be able to add files to the system, send me your SSH key and we can fix this.
A few PMC members already have access and can add files.

Any things which we need to fix in addition?



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