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From Wido den Hollander <>
Subject Re: S3 as Secondary Storage
Date Mon, 27 Mar 2017 14:08:48 GMT

> Op 27 maart 2017 om 14:09 schreef Will Stevens <>:
> Hey All,
> If anyone is using S3 as Secondary Storage in production (or even testing
> at this point), please respond to this thread.

We are. Using Ceph's RADOS Gateway (Hammer, 0.94.11) as the gateway with CloudStack 4.5 (Yes...
;( ).

> We have been using Swift in production for the last couple years and I
> think we have worked out most of the kinks.  Not all of our fixes have been
> pushed upstream yet because the Swift and S3 integrations are very
> intertwined and we did not want to break the S3 implementation with our
> Swift fixes.
> We would like to get a sense of the stability of the S3 implementation to
> see if it is also a good option as an object based secondary storage.

It is, but our experiences are mainly with 4.5. It still uses a ancient version of the AWS
S3 SDK and that causes most of our troubles.

In general we however see the ACS copies a lot of Objects to the S3 store and downloads them
again afterwards. Not always the best thing. I wouldn't use Amazon S3 directly as that might
cause a lot of data transfer.

Should be running 4.9 within 4 weeks, can report on it a lot better then.


> Thanks,
> *Will Stevens*

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