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From "Tutkowski, Mike" <>
Subject Re: Can't create a zone using master
Date Wed, 15 Feb 2017 01:14:33 GMT
I’m not very familiar with the networking code that’s failing, but I worked around it with
these changes:

I’m not sure if those are viable changes in this case, but perhaps someone who works in
the networking area of CloudStack can say.

The problem now, however (and maybe this is unrelated), is that neither my CPVM nor my SSVM
report their agent as Running.

Those system VMs do show as each having public, private, and link local IP addresses (as well
as an IP address for their gateway).

Is anyone else having these kinds of issues with recent master code?


On 2/14/17, 3:02 PM, "Tutkowski, Mike" <> wrote:

    By the way, this is for a Basic Zone.
    On 2/14/17, 2:44 PM, "Tutkowski, Mike" <> wrote:
        I’m getting a NullPointerException when trying to create a zone using master.
        Below is the relevant code in ConfigurationManagerImpl.
        In the else block, network.getCidr() returns null and NetUtil.getCidrNetmask then
throws a NullPointerException.
        I noticed that network.getGateway() also returns null (which seems odd).
        Thoughts on this?
        public Pair<Boolean, Pair<String, String>> validateIpRange(final String
startIP, final String endIP, final String newVlanGateway, final String newVlanNetmask, final
List<VlanVO> vlans, final boolean ipv4,
                final boolean ipv6, String ip6Gateway, String ip6Cidr, final String startIPv6,
final String endIPv6, final Network network) {
            String vlanGateway = null;
            String vlanNetmask = null;
            boolean sameSubnet = false;
            if (CollectionUtils.isNotEmpty(vlans)) {
                for (final VlanVO vlan : vlans) {
                    vlanGateway = vlan.getVlanGateway();
                    vlanNetmask = vlan.getVlanNetmask();
                    sameSubnet = hasSameSubnet(ipv4, vlanGateway, vlanNetmask, newVlanGateway,
newVlanNetmask, startIP, endIP,
                            ipv6, ip6Gateway, ip6Cidr, startIPv6, endIPv6, network);
                    if (sameSubnet) break;
            } else {
                vlanGateway = network.getGateway();
                vlanNetmask = NetUtils.getCidrNetmask(network.getCidr());

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