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From Nux! <>
Subject How would you like your Cloudstack templates?
Date Sat, 25 Feb 2017 11:40:50 GMT

Since templates are being discussed, I wanted to chip in and let you know I am about to revamp
the templates at which I have neglected a bit.
The roadmap is short and should look something like this:

- we build everything from scratch (as opposed to trying to reuse and modify upstream images
- I'm doing this for ubu/deb now) - except coreos which is weird and provide compatible images

- all the kickstarts and preseeds will be on github, everyone is welcome to chip in with improvements
or build their own

- separate per hypervisor type template builds, xenserver builds will ship xs-tools, vmware
builds will ship openvm-tools, kvm will ship qemu-ga, hyperv will include their tools

The hw is sponsored, I am not paying for it. I'm happy to allow responsible PMC members access
to it.

Also happy to host systemvm templates at OpenVM as a "neutral third party".

Now a few questions to which I'd really like some feedback.

1. Cloud-init is rather stubborn in using a default unprivileged user instead of root.
Should I use per distro users - ubuntu for ubuntu, centos for centos, freebsd for freebsd
- or should I use something like "cloud" or "admin" for all of them?

2. I currently disable IPv6 in the templates I build from scratch as it is a pain point with
Cloudstack at the moment - alas. Should I just leave the defaults on (ie enabled)?


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