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From Erik Weber <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] add native container orchestration service
Date Fri, 27 Jan 2017 10:38:50 GMT
On Fri, Jan 27, 2017 at 7:20 AM, Murali Reddy <> wrote:
> All,
> I would like propose native functionality into CloudStack to provide a container service
through which users out-of-the box can use to launch container based application. Idea is
to support ability to orchestrate the resources and automate aspects of setting up container
orchestrator through CloudStack. Public IAAS service providers AWS with its ECS [1] and google
with GKE [2] already provides ability container applications.  Competitive cloud orchestration
platforms already have native support for container service. Users of CloudStack both as public
cloud providers and users with private clouds will benefit with such functionality.
> While container orchestrator of user choice can be provisioned on top of CloudStack (with
out CloudStack being involved) with tools like TerraForm[3], Ansible[4] etc, advantage of
having native orchestration is giving user a nice cohesive integration. This proposal would
like add a notion of first class CloudStack entity called container cluster which can be used
to provision resources, scale up, scale down, start and stop the cluster of VM’s on which
containerised applications can be run. For actual container orchestration we will still need
container orchestrator like docker swarm, marathon, kubernetes, but CloudStack container service
can automate setting up of control place automatically.

To be honest I'm torn on this one.

Containers are a rapid changing thing, and while docker swam,
kubernetes, rancher or whatnot is popular today, they might not be
They might use CoreOS today, but might not tomorrow.

We have a rather poor track record of staying up to date with new
features/versions, and adding a feature that is so rapidly changing
is, I fear, going to be hard to maintain.
Want an example, look at xenserver. It is one of the most used
hypervisors we support, yet it took 6 months or so for us to support
the latest release.
Or IPv6...

I don't mean to bash at maintainers/implementers of those features, I
appreciate all the work being done in every aspect, but I believe we
should be realistic and realize that we have issues with keeping stuff
up to date.

I'd say focus on making sure other tools can do their job well against
CloudStack (kops, rancher, ++), but that does not mean I will -1 the
idea if anyone really wants to go through with it.


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