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From Murali Reddy <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] add native container orchestration service
Date Fri, 27 Jan 2017 10:24:18 GMT

This proposal is not suggesting CloudStack do the job of container orchestration like you
mentioned we have number of purpose built options for that. 

As described in the FS, running containers on VM’s provisioned by IAAS is popular deployment
model. If user wants to do same on CloudStack, user can provision VM’s and use ansible/terraform
to deploy container orchestrator control plane and cluster nodes. What this proposal is suggesting
to add higher abstraction that can automate this and additional operations to act on a cluster
of VM’s as a cohesive unit. Proposed container service can have plugin for swarm, marathon,
nomad, etc to automate setting up container orchestrator control place. For this proposal
CloudStack container service will integrate with Kubernetes to start with.

As analogy, any body can deploy container orchestrator on the AWS provisioned VM, but there
is value why AWS provides native functionality with AWS ECS. Same goes with google's GKE.

On 27/01/17, 3:20 PM, "Wido den Hollander" <> wrote:

>> Op 27 januari 2017 om 7:20 schreef Murali Reddy <>:
>> All,
>> I would like propose native functionality into CloudStack to provide a container
service through which users out-of-the box can use to launch container based application.
Idea is to support ability to orchestrate the resources and automate aspects of setting up
container orchestrator through CloudStack. Public IAAS service providers AWS with its ECS
[1] and google with GKE [2] already provides ability container applications.  Competitive
cloud orchestration platforms already have native support for container service. Users of
CloudStack both as public cloud providers and users with private clouds will benefit with
such functionality.
>Sorry, how much I appreciate the effort and work you already invested in this I'm against
>There are many, many tools which can run inside KVM/Xen/VMWare and do the container orchestration
much, much better then I think CloudStack will ever do.
>We tried with LXC, but that failed.
>For example:
>- Kubernetes
>- Nomad
>- Docker Swarm
>- Apache Mesos
>- CoreOS in the basics
>Just a small number of tools which run Containers just fine while being INSIDE a VM.
>We still have a long road to go in perfectioning the existing HVs inside CloudStack. I
wouldn't want to put resources on testing such a feature which in my opinion does not benefit
the project.
>CloudStack should imho be mean and lean'. Be damn good and simple in what it does: Running
VMs and their network(s).
>> While container orchestrator of user choice can be provisioned on top of CloudStack
(with out CloudStack being involved) with tools like TerraForm[3], Ansible[4] etc, advantage
of having native orchestration is giving user a nice cohesive integration. This proposal would
like add a notion of first class CloudStack entity called container cluster which can be used
to provision resources, scale up, scale down, start and stop the cluster of VM’s on which
containerised applications can be run. For actual container orchestration we will still need
container orchestrator like docker swarm, marathon, kubernetes, but CloudStack container service
can automate setting up of control place automatically.
>> Please see the detailed FS [5], and jira ticket [6]. 
>> [1]
>> [2]
>> [3]
>> [4]
>> [5]
>> [6]
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