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From Cloud List <>
Subject ACS 4.8.1: Virtual router - /var/log always full
Date Mon, 28 Nov 2016 03:46:52 GMT
Dear all,

After upgrading to ACS 4.8.1, one of our virtual router's /var/log
partition is always full and used up quite fast. This caused the VR not
able to serve DHCP and password requests from VM.

root@r-4155-VM:/var/log# df -h
Filesystem                                              Size  Used Avail
Use% Mounted on
rootfs                                                  461M  158M  280M
37% /
udev                                                     10M     0   10M
0% /dev
tmpfs                                                    25M  236K   25M
1% /run
/dev/disk/by-uuid/30c81d3d-ee9f-4a88-81c1-5f349b22ba1d  461M  158M  280M
37% /
tmpfs                                                   5.0M     0  5.0M
0% /run/lock
tmpfs                                                   157M     0  157M
0% /run/shm
/dev/vda1                                                73M   23M   47M
33% /boot
/dev/vda6                                                92M  5.6M   81M
7% /home
/dev/vda8                                               184M  6.2M  169M
4% /opt
/dev/vda11                                               92M  5.6M   81M
7% /tmp
/dev/vda7                                               751M  493M  219M
70% /usr
/dev/vda9                                               563M  282M  252M
53% /var
/dev/vda10                                              184M  176M     0
100% /var/log

Even after rotating and clearing the logs, the usage of /var/log is only
4.7M so I am not too sure where is the 176M coming from.

root@r-4155-VM:/var/log# du -h
1.0K    ./samba
3.8M    ./sysstat
68K     ./apt
7.0K    ./apache2
3.0K    ./fsck
317K    ./installer/cdebconf
809K    ./installer
1.0K    ./news
12K     ./lost+found
1.0K    ./ntpstats
4.7M    .

/dev/vda10                                              184M  175M  475K
100% /var/log

I would need to clear the logs and do a "service dnsmasq restart" regularly
to make the VR functioning again, which is quite troublesome.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Looking forward to your reply, thank you.


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