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From Rene Moser <>
Subject Ansible 2.2: CloudStack Modules News
Date Wed, 30 Nov 2016 10:11:57 GMT
Hi List

As I know there are a few Ansible users here using the CloudStack
modules, let me give you an update:

New Modules in 2.2
- cs_router
- cs_snapshot_policy

In the upcoming 2.2.1, the modules also work with python3.

Roadmap for 2.3

New modules planned
- cs_host
- cs_vpc (done)
- cs_nic (done)
- cs_serviceoffer (currently WIP, testing and
feedback would be welcome!)
- and more

Diff Support:
In 2.3 if you set --diff you will get a line diff of the things changed
for many of the cloudstack modules. This will also work for --check mode.

VPC Support
I am about to extend VPC support in the modules and working on new
modules related to VPC.

Integration Testing
I am working on fully automated integration tests for ansbile cloudstack
modules PRs against a dockerized simulator.

ENV VAR Support
I already implemented a way to set ENV variables for domain, account,
project, zone and vpc in 2.3. It allows to DRY With help of ansible
block feature. See more info in the cloudstack guide docs

A good tooling is essential for CloudStack. Ansible is one of the most
used cfg management tools around.

Thanks for all the support I received in 2016

I still need your support in 2017 to continuing my work. I don't have a
commercial use of these modules and develop them in my free time (1 day
per week). If you use them and/or like my work, a small donation would
be much appreciated. Please contact me off list for details.


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