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From Murali Reddy <>
Subject Re: Virtual Router : Marvin test gap analysis
Date Fri, 26 Aug 2016 16:05:55 GMT

Thanks for sharing insightful automation analysis. We are trying to figure out how to convert
our efforts in to actionable items. As community we can work on them to get good automated
test suite for VR.

Will be sharing details early next week.


On 19/08/16, 2:25 PM, "Raja Pullela" <> wrote:

>Hi Murali, 
>Great initiative… and VR is one area that could help greatly if we have more automation.
  we have done high-level analysis on VR functionality/automation recently and have posted
our findings to the wiki under “high-level Automation analysis” section.  Please take
a look, 
>Senior Manager, Product Development
>Accelerite,, @accelerite
>2055, Laurelwood Road,  Santa Clara, CA 95054, USA
>Phone: 1-408-216-7010
>On 8/19/16, 12:33 PM, "Murali Reddy" <> wrote:
>We (at ShapeBlue) did a gap analysis to figure if current set of smoke and component tests
sufficiently test the VR functionality for the regressions. I have posted the analysis at
[1]. I went through the test suites, and listed down all the tests that touch virtual router
functionality. There is listing of general observations on grey areas.
>One particular area where there were no tests, was related multiple public IP’s from
different public IP ranges associated with a network. From 4.6, all the way to master only
IP’s from one public IP range (eth2 on the VR) is working, any network services  on the
public IP’s on eth3, eth4 etc on VR are not functional. This is a common use case and is
broken for last few releases. Bug in this area are reported [2] and PR is yet to be merged
[3]. I will be work on the patch to get this fixed in LTS. I have also added Marvin tests
[4] cover multiple public IP scenarios. 
>Given the flexibility and rich set of network functionality is CloudStack, we could catch
regression only if we have good test suite. If there are any other areas related to virtual
router functionality that you see there are significant gaps, please chime in share your thoughts
or add the the wiki.
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