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From Nathan Johnson <>
Subject Re: stopVirtualMachine command ignores the forced parameter
Date Tue, 09 Aug 2016 18:37:49 GMT
Jeff Hair <> wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm looking at the documentation and then the code for stopVirtualMachine.
> The forced parameter is passed down into the VM manager, where it seems to
> be ignored. This means that cleanupEvenIfFailed during VM stop will always
> be false, despite what the API command says. Going back to commit a4f4c986
> in 2013, we can see that the forced parameter was used. During subsequent
> refactoring, this seems to have vanished.

Jeff, after digging in I agree with you, this does look to be ignored.  So
I guess the question is: does cleanupEvenIfFailed mean the same thing as
the “forced" parameter?  If so, we could create a new overloaded
VMEntityManager / VMEntityManagerImpl stopvirtualmachine method with a bool
parameter, and then have that pass off to a new UserVMManagerImpl stop
method with a bool tacked on, and then it could pass this bool into
advanceStop.  Kind of messy, but overall wouldn’t be that much code to

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