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From Wido den Hollander <>
Subject Re: long waiting times on routervm for savepassword and DhcpEntryCommand's
Date Fri, 03 Jun 2016 10:09:57 GMT

> Op 1 juni 2016 om 11:10 schreef Özhan Rüzgar Karaman <>:
> Hi Developers;
> I could find any answer from Cloudstack User Mailing list, i am forwarding
> my mail to the development list, thanks for all answers who has experience
> on high capacity virtual router usage.
> Thanks
> Özhan
> Today i noticed that my vm creation commands takes a little bit long then
> before. When i check the logs i noticed that router vm takes too much time
> like 4 seconds for each savepassword and DhcpEntryCommands.

I checked this quickly on a VR in Basic Networking and I see the same. It's that it is executing
Python code for every Instance which has to be provisioned on that VR.

I don't know of a quick way to work around this however, this probably requires parts of that
code to be rewritten.


> We are using advanced networking with security groups enabled for ACS 4.8 .
> It looks like when ip address usage increases(100 ip addresess for one C
> Class network) for each guest network block, router vm responds slower than
> the old days.
> We are using default compute offering for virtual router, my plan is to
> change to default offering for virtual router vm to 512 mb ram & 2 core cpu
> and increase cpu shares and restart virtual router.
> Are there any other cleanup procedures or other ways to speed up
> savepassword and DhcpEntryCommands like disable logging or any other clues
> would be helpful. Because of this long waiting times on 2 commands total vm
> creation time takes longer then expected.

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