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From Linas Žilinskas <>
Subject Any difference with the official rpms and the git 4.8 branch?
Date Thu, 05 May 2016 07:58:07 GMT

We're planning on setting up a local repo for our CS where we would store our customized builds.
I just wanted to clear up some things.

Currently when editing CS code and testing changes I use jetty. I noticed a couple of differences
compared to our test cluster, where the whole setup is done from the official (?) packages.

First is that for some reason setting was set to some encoded string
and treated as "false". Hence the secondary storage VM was prevented from starting.
I found the cause using this blog post:
. I set it through mysql to 'true' and it started working.

Second, SystemVMs were using some unknown ssh key. I found it in the database in settings
as well.  ssh.privatekey, ssh.publickey. Once i set it to my keys (still do not know what
the format(ing) should be for those) everything went fine.
But i wonder whos key it is (it was passworded) and why is my dev env using those. I looked
at our test env and the database contains some keys, but they are not used in SystemVMs. So
what's causing them to be (not-) used?

The final question I have is whether these issues I have found would appear on our other environments
or is this something maven config related and therefore applies only to jetty or specific
maven goals?

Some details on my setup:
I'm not using maven developer profile. Simply building with 'maven clean install' and running
with 'maven -pl client jetty:run'. I'm still reading about how maven works, so it might be
my error at some step.
HV (kvm) is running on the same box. HV is using the official repo and is started through
Management was first installed from official repos and initial setup was done. Then I shut
it down and started using maven/jetty. So the database init was done from the official release
All the work is being done on custom branches, branched out from the 4.8 release branch. (version
is set to 4.8.1-SNAPSHOT).

I have this feeling that it might be related to database encryption keys (and my mixed env
- possibly mixed But it would seems strange that secondary.system.vm would
be ecrypted anyway.


Linas Žilinskas

Development Lead






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