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From Linas Žilinskas <>
Subject Additional Subnets for networks and VR dhcp
Date Wed, 18 May 2016 15:09:06 GMT
This is in relation to
But since it seems that my observations are beyond the scope of it, I'm
posting it here.

I'm having hard time understanding what's going on, but something seems
Like i mentioned in the PR comments, I'm using advanced networking with
security groups, so my setup is different to the PR which is meant for
Simple zones.

My setup consists of initial zone deployment, with defaultGuestNetwork.
Then i created a new guest (through infrastructure) network with, xx.1 gateway.
Then added additional subnet, xx.1 gateway.
Created a VM through web ui, which automatically got ip from
Everything seems fine up to this point.

Now I changed the ip to 172.50.0.xx through web ui. (interesting point -
the gateway doesn't change when IP is assigned from different subnet for

Restarted VM / deleted VR.
And here's where i don't understand things anymore.
VR got assined an IP alias (original, additional

I would guess it would need 172.50.0.xx to serve the additional subnet
(dhcp / metadata)

Some confirmation would be nice if this is the intended behavior and if
a situation like this is not supported / tested. Or is there some bug

PS. I started looking into why the VR (4.8 release) dhcp doesn't serve
additional subnets. Found the above PR and was hoping it solves the
issue. But it seems there might be some problems above the VR as well.
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