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From Linas Žilinskas <>
Subject Re: Any difference with the official rpms and the git 4.8 branch?
Date Fri, 06 May 2016 11:30:12 GMT
Ok, nevermind. I think I messed up something in the process of setting
up my dev env.

From what I saw, i probably ran the jetty instance with default configs
which do not use encryption. Then later I probably launched the instance
from packages, which used encryption and then the confusion occurred.

I updated the dev configs to use encryption and fixed the DB somewhat
and everything seems to be fine now. Oh yeah, and i ran them using
different users, so /tmp/tmpkey was locked under different user each
time, which caused permission issues.


On Thu, 2016-05-05 at 07:58 +0000, Linas Žilinskas wrote:
> Hello.
> We're planning on setting up a local repo for our CS where we would store our customized
> I just wanted to clear up some things.
> Currently when editing CS code and testing changes I use jetty. I noticed a couple of
differences compared to our test cluster, where the whole setup is done from the official
(?) packages.
> First is that for some reason setting was set to some encoded string
and treated as "false". Hence the secondary storage VM was prevented from starting.
> I found the cause using this blog post:
. I set it through mysql to 'true' and it started working.
> Second, SystemVMs were using some unknown ssh key. I found it in the database in settings
as well.  ssh.privatekey, ssh.publickey. Once i set it to my keys (still do not know what
the format(ing) should be for those) everything went fine.
> But i wonder whos key it is (it was passworded) and why is my dev env using those. I
looked at our test env and the database contains some keys, but they are not used in SystemVMs.
So what's causing them to be (not-) used?
> The final question I have is whether these issues I have found would appear on our other
environments or is this something maven config related and therefore applies only to jetty
or specific maven goals?
> Some details on my setup:
> I'm not using maven developer profile. Simply building with 'maven clean install' and
running with 'maven -pl client jetty:run'. I'm still reading about how maven works, so it
might be my error at some step.
> HV (kvm) is running on the same box. HV is using the official repo and is started through
> Management was first installed from official repos and initial setup was done. Then I
shut it down and started using maven/jetty. So the database init was done from the official
release rpms.
> All the work is being done on custom branches, branched out from the 4.8 release branch.
(version is set to 4.8.1-SNAPSHOT).
> I have this feeling that it might be related to database encryption keys (and my mixed
env - possibly mixed But it would seems strange that secondary.system.vm would
be ecrypted anyway.
> Regards
> Linas Žilinskas
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