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From Sam Ruby <>
Subject Re: External fork of Cloudstack
Date Fri, 18 Mar 2016 18:48:14 GMT
On Fri, Mar 18, 2016 at 2:39 PM, sebgoa <> wrote:
>> On Mar 18, 2016, at 6:30 PM, Sam Ruby <> wrote:
>> I'm more concerned that the page is indistinguishable from a fork, and
>> gives no indication of official status.  That may be OK for a work in
>> progress, but isn't ideal as a final solution.  I'll share that I've
>> heard (second and third hand) reports of people who only have heard of
>> there being an "external fork", and have drawn incorrect conclusions
>> from that.  I think we need to be careful about how this is explained,
>> as perceptions matter.
> I have updated the organization description and added our website and dev@ address.
>> By contrast, if you go to:
>> What you will see in place of "Mirror of xxx" is "Apache Whimsy".  I
>> grant you that it is a small thing,
> We can easily change “Mirror of Apache CloudStack” to “Apache CloudStack”.
> But I think lots of people will get upset as it will really mean that this is a move
away from ASF infra.
> Or maybe I missing your point.

Suggestion for now: “Mirror of Apache CloudStack for testing purposes only”.

While what is there now is technically correct, it is incomplete.  In
particular it can, and has, caused confusion.  Based on Will's
comments earlier in this thread, I believe that my suggestion is an
accurate portrayal of the current status, otherwise please substitute
a more accurate description.  (the subtext here: I am not an ASF
Director stepping in and demanding change, so please don't take
anything I say as an edict, I'm simply participating in the

Longer term, this may very well be "Apache CloudStack" in the same
sense that the github whimsy repository is "Apache Whimsy".  Or the
code could end up in a different place, like the apache-cloudstack
organization I suggested previously.

- Sam Ruby

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