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From Nux! <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Move 'apache/cloudstack' -> 'apache-cloudstack/cloudstack'
Date Sat, 19 Mar 2016 09:51:34 GMT
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> From: "Will Stevens" <>
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> Sent: Friday, 18 March, 2016 22:44:45
> Subject: [VOTE] Move 'apache/cloudstack' -> 'apache-cloudstack/cloudstack'

> We are discussing this proposal in 3 or 4 threads, so I will not try to
> recap everything.  Instead I will try to give a brief overview of the
> problem and a proposal for solving it.
> *Problem:*
> The Apache CloudStack community needs additional github permissions in
> order to integrate CI for the purpose of maintaining code quality.  The ASF
> does not have enough granular control via the 'apache' github organization
> to give the 'apache/cloudstack' repository the needed permissions.
> *Proposal:*
> Transfer ownership of the 'apache/cloudstack' mirrored repository out of
> the 'apache' github organization into the 'apache-cloudstack' github
> organization (which I have already setup and started inviting users to).
> Both members of the ACS community and the ASF board will have 'owner'
> permissions on this new organization.  This will allow for permissions to
> be applied specifically to the 'apache-cloudstack' organization and not
> have to be applied to the entire 'apache' organization.
> By transferring ownership, all of the PRs will be copied to the new
> repository and redirects will be created on github from 'apache/cloudstack'
> to 'apache-cloudstack/cloudstack'.
> The developer workflow and commit workflow will remain unchanged.  The
> canonical ASF repository (git:// will remain
> the source of truth and commits will be made to that repository.
> Please ask if anything is unclear or needs to be better defined in order
> for you to cast a vote.

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