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From Paul Angus <>
Subject Re: 4.9 Release Management
Date Wed, 02 Mar 2016 21:09:42 GMT
That's good enough for me (tm). you're figuring out what you need to figure out. I know the
feeling. :)

We probably need to have a concensus around release cadence and stick to it for a while. Otherwise
we're going to lose some credibility as project.

From: Will Stevens <>
Sent: 2 Mar 2016 20:46
Subject: Re: 4.9 Release Management

I don't think I can answer that at this time.  My personal opinion is that
CI is more important than the release timeline, but others may not share
this opinion (as it is only my opinion).   I am full steam ahead trying to
review what we have in place and the work that different parties have done
on CI to date.  I am hoping to have a CI implementation setup in my
environment soon, which will enable me to better assess the current state
of affairs.

There are a lot of moving parts involved and I will be the first to admit
that I don't have a firm grasp on everything yet, so reviewing our Marvin
test coverage and output is something I have not yet had a chance to tackle.

Does that answer your question well enough?  :)

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On Wed, Mar 2, 2016 at 12:25 PM, Paul Angus <>

> Thanks for taking up the baton Will et al.
> Just for clarity - given that getting CI 'done' will take some time
> (mainly because of the state of the Marvin Tests and Marvin output) - are
> 'we' now dropping the monthly releases?
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-----Original Message-----
> From: Will Stevens []
> Sent: 02 March 2016 17:15
> To:
> Subject: 4.9 Release Management
> Hello Everyone,
> I have mentioned this in other related threads, but I wanted to make an
> official thread on the topic.
> I am nominating myself as the release manager for 4.9. Please feel free to
> discuss if you have comments or concerns.
> I will not be working alone, I will be assisted by Koushik Das and Patrick
> Dube. I will be running point, but all three of us will be working together
> as a unit for this release.
> Our main focus for this release is the integration of hardware Continuous
> Integration (CI) into the PR flow. Koushik and his team will be setting up
> a CI environment which will be used for testing PRs and I will also be
> setting up a CI environment for testing PRs.
> The details of the CI integration will be handled publicly, but we will
> likely have to work with a minimum viable implementation initially and move
> forward from there. Here are some of the key aspects of the CI which are
> top of mind for me.
> - Standardize a feedback mechanism to post the result of CI runs back to
> the relevant PR. I believe the best way to do this would be to post a
> summary of the CI run in the PR thread on Github. With the existing
> integration, this will then get pushed to the mailing list (since all
> comments on a PR are pushed to the mailing list).
> - Ideally, we will also make the CI logs available for the run. We are
> still working out the details of how we do this, but we will likely be
> pushing the logs to an object store with a cleanup window to remove the
> logs after a set period of time (probably a week). This should give people
> the opportunity to pull the logs if they are interested in the test
> results, but will reduce the need for ever growing storage.
> - In order to parallelize the CI operations, we will not be automatically
> kicking off a CI run for every PR for now. Instead, we will communicate
> between us and each run distinct PRs so we can maximize the utilization of
> our hardware.
> Some longer term goals of the CI in my mind are as follows:
> - I would like the core CI framework to be easily distributed and
> accessible to anyone who has hardware available. This would enable anyone
> to setup a CI on their hardware and it would automatically be hooked up to
> feedback the results to the Github PRs. I feel this is very important long
> term because every individual or organization depends on a different
> configuration and hardware setup, so it empowers them to validate their own
> use case while adding value back to the community.
> Additional details will follow, namely the release schedule etc.
> Please contribute your ideas and feedback.
> Cheers,
> Will
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