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From Rohit Yadav <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Request for comments: Out-of-band Management for CloudStack (new feature)
Date Mon, 07 Mar 2016 09:21:40 GMT
Hi Ilya,

Thanks for the suggestions.

In the UI, we can easily have a warning statement on the pop up box if host maintenance is
enabled. We can also add mechanisms (for example specific APIs or zone/cluster level settings)
to allow admins to disable/enable the feature at zone and cluster level without cascading
it to the host enabled setting. Will update the FS to reflect these additions.


> On 05-Mar-2016, at 7:11 AM, ilya <> wrote:
> Rohit,
> Great job!
> Not certain if this was mentioned, but premise behind IPMI integration
> was partially driven by HA and being able to "fence" the host in
> question to avoid split brain scenario - as well as other issues when
> hypervisors malfunction.
> With that said, Will brings up a good point, what can we offer to avoid
> accidental power down - while host is functional. I see plenty of
> curious cloudstack admins who identify a function of a button by
> pressing on it and saying "lets see what happens". Better yet, some
> learn on the job on production environments.
> Do we give the end user a warning of any kind? If possible, i would
> suggest we give a one line warning - something like "The host is not in
> Maintenance Mode, proceed at your own risk!" or something to that effect.
> Obviously this would only be CloudStack UI safeguard and no such warning
> would be shown when you use APIs directly.
> Lastly, please consider disable IPMI for Cluster and Zone level, i dont
> believe we need it for pod. Please dont cascade over every host ipmi
> object and change their state, instead, have a separate db entry (or
> else) that tracks this selection for cluster or zone.
> It could be as simple as configuration setting for zone or cluster.
> thanks
> ilya
> On 3/4/16 1:20 AM, Rohit Yadav wrote:
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>>> On 03-Mar-2016, at 12:58 PM, Will Stevens <
>>> <>> wrote:
>>> Maybe I am not understanding something here.
>>> Does this control the power cycle of the management server(s) or the
>>> hypervisor hosts?  The wording is throwing me off.
>> Fixed. The feature applies for hypervisor hosts only, not management
>> server hosts (unless of course, mgmt server host is hypervisor host as
>> well for example running mgmt server + kvm agnet on a KVM host).
>>> I am guessing it is for managing the hypervisor hosts. If this is the
>>> case,
>>> does it also handle the "maintenance mode" for the host as well?
>> Maintenance mode is a hypervisor semantic, this is not related to the
>> out-of-band management interface (the BMC, such as iLO, iDRAC) available
>> on the hypervisor host.
>> Even when you enable/disable maintenance mode, you can use a tool like
>> ‘ipmitool’ to do execute a power management operation such as
>> on/off/reset etc, so you should be able to perform the same using this
>> feature. Therefore, presently there is no such enforcement.
>>> At least
>>> with XenServer, if you do a power cycle without putting the host into
>>> maintenance mode first, all the VRs will have to be restarted on that host
>>> once it is back up in order for their networking to work again.
>> We can put in a rule to avoid executing any power operation when hosts
>> are put in maintenance mode, though some users may still want to be able
>> to execute power operations. Comments?
>> Regards.
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