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From Jim Jagielski <>
Subject Re: External fork of Cloudstack (was Re: [GitHub] cloudstack pull request: Is the project attempting a fork on Githu...)
Date Sat, 19 Mar 2016 18:50:38 GMT

> On Mar 19, 2016, at 2:12 PM, sebgoa <> wrote:
> Personally I have always thought that this is a very serious issue and trend in open
source projects and that ASF (and the board in particular) should try to proactively address.
What is the future of ASF in a GitHub world ? Can an ASF project live outside of ASF infra,
especially in a Cloud world ? Sadly I never saw any clear proactivity from the board.

I can answer this by asking you one question: What value, if
any, do you see the ASF providing to Cloudstack?

I will avoid the very Mom-like retort: "If all your friends were
going to jump off a roof, would you too?"  :) :)

Real Open Source collaboration, and community, is more than
just developer workflow. Hopefully, one day people will
remember that... The ASF, however, will never forget it.

Meanwhile, I still boggle at people who paint Microsoft as
(still) enemies of Open Source, yet bend over backwards to
portray Github as true, passionate open source liberators.
People passionate about open source are seriously pushing
that projects be hosted on a single-vendor, closed-source,
proprietary environment. If that vendor's name was "Microsoft"
or "Oracle" people would be loosing their sh*t; because it's
called "Github" well, that's OK then.

Kinds of reminds me, as a libertarian, as those people who
are willing to give up some (real) rights and liberties
for some (perceived) additional security.

I'm not saying that GH isn't useful, but it's not the holy
grail, nor is it a workflow and platform that we should
be encouraging the next-gen of developers to swallow hook,
line and sinker.
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